Tiny houses in Australia are your open door to big adventure

Australia is a country that’s packed full of diverse opportunities for all kinds of people and visitors on holiday are no exception. While some look for apartments or expansive villas, other travellers prefer something a bit more quaint and simple. Tiny houses have become the answer for some looking for modest accommodations, and they could be the answer for you. They’re economically and environmentally safe, and allow you to enjoy the simple things while also being immersed in the local surroundings and culture.

What you need to know about any given tiny house in Australia

When you’re looking for a tiny house in Australia, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For the most part, a tiny house would be suitable for any of Australia’s environments whether you’re looking for something in the city, by the coast or in the bush. Despite their size, you can still find soft bedding and a kitchenette that lets you cook your own meals. Just make sure a tiny house fits your holiday plan accordingly. Even the most spacious smaller homes are more suitable as a couple’s retreat, so they may not be for you if you plan on bringing the whole family along on holiday.

Finding tiny houses for rent by Byron Bay

One of the most popular coastal towns in New South Wales is Byron Bay. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure for your next holiday, this is the place to be. Surfers can frequent the perfectly suited beaches and skydivers can take in the expansive natural environments where sandy shorelines meet vibrant greenery. Whale watching is also popular here as the massive mammals are seen breaching frequently along the coast. Tiny houses in the area let you enjoy the thrills of this beachside town while also allowing you to relax in a unique way and in an accommodation that’s cozy and intricately connected to the environment around it.

Beachfront tiny house for rent

For travellers looking to stay by the shore, this tiny house is just a 200-metre walk from the beach. As you may expect, there’s 1 bedroom with room for 2 people. For its small size, this tiny house has a particularly high ceiling in the lounge room complete with a ceiling fan. The open design also makes it easier for the sea air to come through creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors looking to experience the coast. Given the eco-friendly reputation of tiny houses, you can rest easy as this home runs on a 3-kW solar power system.

Rent a tiny house in Beechworth

The historical town of Beechworth is located in northeastern Victoria, and it’s rapidly becoming a more and more popular destination for travellers. Its historical buildings are remarkably well-preserved, and it’s a prolific wine-producing centre for the region. When you rent a tiny house in the area, you and a significant other can enjoy all its attractions in a cosy accommodation. Beechworth itself is certainly appealing, and the surrounding natural area is an ideal location for visitors looking for a tiny house with access to the lush fields and forests.

Rustic retreat tiny house rental outside Beechworth

About a 5-minute drive out from Beechworth proper, you’ll find this rustic retreat and its 150 acres of farmland. This tiny house features a lone queen bed that comes with high-quality linens. There’s also a kitchenette and living space inside that blends together into a single room. The star of this tiny house is the location, as you can enjoy the wildlife and green space as soon as you step foot outside. Woolshed Falls and Mount Pilot are all nearby along with Beechworth itself, so this can serve as a base for a wide variety of adventures. There are even several sheep and horses on the property along with a native garden area.