Queensland has much to offer all kinds of travellers whether they're looking for a thrilling adventure or a more relaxed experience. With coastal fun and attractions specifically for kids, you won't have to look far to find unforgettable adventures here. Conveniently enough, getting to Queensland is also quite simple, and you don't have to worry about experiences being all that different depending the time of year you visit. Discover everything you need to know about Queensland holidays for families and create the ultimate holiday experience for your family.

How to travel to Queensland

Before you can explore all the wonders of Queensland, you'll need to get there. Fortunately, you won't have to try all that hard as there are quite a few different options available. Flying to Queensland is going to be the fastest way, even if you're on the eastern coast of Australia already. You'll just need to decide which part of Queensland you want to fly to. There are two primary airports in the state to choose from if you want to be close to the action when you land. These airports include the Brisbane Airport and the Cairns Airport.

Travelling within Queensland

The railway system throughout Queensland is quite comprehensive with the Sunshine Coast Line and the Tilt Train that connect virtually all major coastal towns in the state. It's one of the most convenient ways to travel if you're looking for a holiday experience that covers a wide variety of different destinations. Plus, certain other services open up Queensland to the Outback like the Inlander, Westlander, and Spirit of the Outback trains.

Top tips for Queensland holidays with kids

To get the most out of your trip to Queensland, you'll want to have the best tips in mind before setting off. For the most part, this means making sure you have all the supplies you need to keep your little ones happy. After all, keeping them entertained and satisfied is the most important aspect of any family holiday trip.


When you visit Queensland with the family, the most important thing to remember is to bring a pram for each of your little kids. There are plenty of trails to enjoy, but children are often unable to complete the entire trail without taking a break. With a pram, they can relax while the adventure rages on. While your kids may seem like they have endless energy at home, they tend to tire out fairly quickly depending on how old they are. Fortunately, you'll find plenty of pram-friendly bushwalks in Queensland, such as Eddie Santagiuliana Way and Cedar Creek Falls Track.

Sun Protection

To ensure you and your family stay protected while enjoying the outdoor adventure of Queensland, you'll need to be prepared for the sun. Fortunately, it's quite easy to play it safe. All you'll need is a large beach bag with room enough for an umbrella or some kind of shelter. Some of the local beaches even offer umbrella rentals for added convenience, including Noosa Main Beach and Broadbeach. Reusable swim nappies are useful as well, and you'll probably want to include broad-brimmed hats. Of course, bringing plenty of water to drink is the most effective way to counter the heat.


Your trip to Queensland with the family will almost surely involve visiting a beach or a pool at some point. While you'll find plenty of water that's friendly enough for young swimmers with constant lifeguard watch, like Agnes Water Beach, it's always best to have a floaty on hand. That way, your child can enjoy the water while offering you peace of mind throughout the entire experience. Plus, a floaty can be downright relaxing in a quiet pool.

Explore Queensland holiday destinations for families

Queensland is a massive state, so you'll need to consider where you're going when you book your trip. While you're always free to visit multiple destinations within a single trip, it's helpful to focus on the activities and experiences you're the most interested in to ensure every second of your holiday is worthwhile. Plus, it's helpful to know which destinations have features your kids can enjoy as well.

Explore the outdoors in theTropical North

When you take your family to the Tropical North of Queensland, you'll find plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. It's home to both the Wet Tropic Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, both of which are considered World Heritage Sites. Many of the beaches here are conveniently sheltered by the reef as well, so your little ones can enjoy a bit of swimming without having to worry about strong currents. Of course, this region is also home to Cairns, a vibrant city that's remarkably eco-friendly in an effort to preserve its natural wonders.

Find fun along The Gold Coast

Turning your holiday towards the Gold Coast means finding plenty of adventure for kids and adults alike. Thrill-seekers and those looking for relaxation can both find exactly what they're looking for here. For Queensland holidays for families, however, nothing beats the region's array of theme parks. Keep in mind that these theme parks aren't simply places with a coaster and a slide. You'll find absolutely stunning theme parks like Sea World, Dreamworld, Paradise Country and Wet n Wild Gold Coast.

Enjoy a diverse holiday inBrisbane

If your kids love animals, Brisbane is one of the best destinations in the state. It's home to one of the largest Koala sanctuaries in the entire world with more than 130 of the creatures there alongside others like wombats, platypuses, dingos and kangaroos. This is also where you'll find the Queensland Museum's ScienCentre, which your kids will especially enjoy thanks to the variety of interactive exhibits on site. Even the State Library of Queensland here has its own special kids section with puzzles, puppets and games they can enjoy.

Discover fun in the sun on the Sunshine Coast

Families that are interested in a beachfront holiday can find everything they need in the Sunshine Coast. Here, you can explore white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters that are as welcoming as they are beautiful. While there are plenty of swimming spots around, you'll also find beaches with some stunning waves. The latter of which can be useful if you're trying to teach your little ones how to surf. Additionally, Sunshine Coast is home to the Glasshouse Mountains, which are impressive peaks formed by volcanic activity in an age long past. Around the mountains, you'll find a variety of well-maintained trails you can use to explore the area on foot or from a bike.

Take it easy on Moreton Island

Moreton Island is located just off the coast of Queensland proper by Brisbane and offers families the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You'll find a serene and peaceful environment where you can enjoy sand dunes, lakes of crystal clear waters and pristine beaches. Some truly stunning experiences are available here such as dolphin feedings. These friendly creatures frequent the beaches here, and your little ones can get up close and personal with them. Snorkeling is available as well for kids who aren't quite old enough to go diving.

Discover family resorts in Queensland

To finalize your plan to Queensland, you'll need to determine where exactly it is you're going to stay. You'll find plenty of rentals available, but the local resorts are particularly appealing for families who are looking for luxury comforts with all the pampering they need. Plus, resorts tend to be spacious enough for you to bring the whole family along while still offering everyone enough room for themselves. Take a look at some of the best family resorts in Queensland.

Sea World Resort

When your family books at Sea World Resort, they can enjoy being conveniently located right next to the action in the water park of the same name. Not only can you enjoy stunning state-of-the-art rooms, but the theme park puts adrenaline-pumping rides just steps away along with one-of-a-kind animal encounters. Plus, guests at the resort will have access to a 50-metre lagoon pool complete with a waterfall. Additionally, the resort features an Aquaplay section, which offers additional aquatic fun for little ones.

Hamilton Island

Out of all the wonders on Hamilton Island, it's stunning resort is among the most famous. Not only will you find luxurious rooms with plenty of space for the whole family, but you can enjoy several pools for some more controlled aquatic fun outside of the coast. Of course, you won't have to go far for coastal fun. The beach is just steps away from the resort here, and the waters are protected. That means your kids can snorkel and spot turtles all year long. Additionally, this resort is just a short distance away from a wildlife centre and a bowling alley.

Kingfisher Bay

At the Kingfisher Bay Resort, you and your family can enjoy relaxing fun in the sun along with educational opportunities. Activities here include learning about tidal zones, mangroves and Aboriginal culture from trained guides and educators onsite. Additionally, this resort will put you close enough to spot fascinating creatures like bats, frogs and sugar gliders. For more thrilling adventures, be sure to check out the ropes course and canoeing excursion available here.