Kangaroo Point apartments near cliffs, picnics and abseiling

Kangaroo Point sits directly across the Brisbane River from the city of Brisbane itself, and it makes for a memorable holiday destination for travellers who want urban adventure without having to deal with the big city all the time. Kangaroo Point apartments reflect their proximity to the city with modern designs and furnishings, and many have views of the water. Explore the available Kangaroo Point apartments for yourself, and you’ll find numerous options that can provide a quality holiday.

Top destinations for Kangaroo Point holiday apartments

While certainly not as populous and large as Brisbane, Kangaroo Point is still home to several different areas, each with their own experiences and apartment accommodation. You need to consider where you want to look for Kangaroo Point holiday apartments beyond the suburb itself. There are 2 major attractions that most travellers tend to base their holiday excursions around, and they’re the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and the Story Bridge.

Finding Kangaroo Point Cliffs apartments

Many travellers enjoy having a combination of urban amenities right next to natural environments and formations. At Kangaroo Point Cliffs, you can enjoy both. The cliffs are situated well within the borders of Kangaroo Point and rise 18 metres from the ground. While they’re not strictly naturally formed, being the remnants of quarry operations, the volcanic stone that comprises them was deposited hundreds of millions of years ago. You can climb the cliffs the easy way or the hard way, but the scenic view of Brisbane from the top is the same regardless. Kangaroo Point apartments near the cliffs share that view and the same convenient access to adventure. You’ll find balconies, large windows and comfortable lodging suitable for a couple’s retreat or for a family holiday.

Booking Kangaroo Point holiday apartments by Story Bridge

One of the most iconic landmarks of the entire Brisbane area is Story Bridge, which connects Kangaroo Point to the city’s Fortitude Valley. This bridge dates back to 1940 and offers safe passage for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Sporting a cantilever design and measuring 777 metres in length, it’s the longest bridge of its kind in Australia. If its design isn’t spectacular enough, the bridge is illuminated with lights and fireworks every year during the Brisbane Festival. Nearby apartments are conveniently located next to the bridge as well as local shops and restaurants. They also provide easy access to Brisbane proper, so it’s a great place to book if you’re looking for adventurous days and quiet nights.

Top picks for Kangaroo Point apartments

Kangaroo Point apartments can vary quite a bit so the search for your ideal holiday accommodation may take some time. The following properties stand out from the rest with their spacious layouts and amenities for your entire group.

Brand new Kangaroo Point apartment

There’s no shortage of modern amenities in this brand new Kangaroo Point apartment. It includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with room enough for 5 people to sleep comfortably thanks to the 2 king beds and extra cot available in one of the bedrooms. The apartment faces north and is located in the southern part of Kangaroo Point, so you have the entire area ahead of you with scenic views of the Brisbane suburb from the windows or the terrace. The kitchen is fully equipped, and the master bedroom comes with a full ensuite bathroom that includes fluffy towels. You can even bring your pets along on holiday provided your dog isn’t large, so it’s truly suitable for the whole family.

Spacious riverfront Kangaroo Point apartment

When you book this Kangaroo Point apartment, you’ll have no shortage of space or views. Its 3 bedrooms can comfortably sleep up to 9 people, and it faces the Brisbane River. There are 2 separate balconies at this property. One overlooks a quiet street while the other faces the Brisbane River directly over the complex’s swimming pool. This balcony is so large that it has room for 6 people to sit outside and features a grill for al fresco dining. Inside the apartment, you’ll have internet access along with a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone to keep in touch with friends or family who couldn’t make the trip. The kitchen is self-catering, and the open floor plan merges it and the living area into a single cohesive lounge where you can both cook and relax.