Make your gateway to Victoria in Geelong apartment rentals

Nestled on the southern coast of Victoria, you’ll find the port city of Geelong. It’s the second-largest city in the state after Melbourne, so you can be sure it’s packed full of adventure. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Gateway City’ because of its location near some of Victoria’s top destinations, there’s a lot to do within Geelong itself. Numerous sandy beaches are located nearby, while the city’s centre is home to numerous performing arts groups, shows and musical performances, as well as several annual festivals in town. All of these factors are important when choosing a Geelong apartment to best suit your holiday.

What to look for in Geelong apartments

Just about all of the available Geelong apartments have something special to offer, but you have to consider your own unique needs first. Think about which attractions you want to be close to, then determine which amenities you don’t want to go without. Fortunately, travellers who value luxury won’t have to look far in Geelong. Apartments are commonly equipped with full self-catering kitchens along with pristine linens. Bedroom options are also quite varied, so you’ll find couple’s retreats as well as accommodation for the whole family.

Geelong waterfront apartments near Eastern Beach

Many travellers from Australia are looking for a coastal experience when they go on holiday, and there are many waterfront apartments in Geelong that can provide just that, especially near Eastern Beach. This historical beach has been an iconic and popular spot in Geelong for decades, and its modern iteration is better than ever. You’ll find fun for the whole family among the shark-proof sea bath and designated children’s swimming pool. Apartments in this area tend to focus on scenic views, so expect large windows and balconies from which you can enjoy the calming sea air. Leave a window cracked in the night and the soft sounds of the waves can cultivate a relaxing sleep.

Apartment accommodation near Geelong Performing Arts Centre

If you’re looking to get closer to Geelong’s cultural hub, there’s no better place than an apartment near Geelong Performing Arts Centre. Geelong apartment accommodation near this location tends to offer convenient access to events and festivals around town with many close to public transport stops. The arts centre itself offers numerous attractions in its own right, including 2 main theatres, some smaller performance facilities and even options for food with a small cafe and restaurant. Luxury comforts are common inside your nearby apartment, so expect full kitchens and spacious rooms.

Geelong apartments near Geelong Gaol

Geelong has a long history, and one of its most iconic landmarks is the Old Geelong Gaol. It served as a prison for many years before finally being closed down in the ’90s. Rumours suggest that the remnants are haunted, and travellers are welcome to brave this building to see if they’re true. Despite the old nature of the Gaol, nearby apartments are notably luxurious with many featuring contemporary furnishings and designs. With all the comforts and space these rentals provide, it’s easy to forget there’s a possibly haunted prison just a short distance away.

Top picks for Geelong apartment accommodation

No matter what kind of holiday experience you’re looking for, there’s bound to be the perfect property suited for your needs among available Geelong apartment accommodation. To get an idea of what these apartments are like, take a look at some of the top picks for the area. Not only do they tend to feature full kitchens and spacious rooms, but the scenic views and convenient locations can help make your holiday unforgettable.

Waterfront apartment in Geelong’s Eastern Beach

If you’re looking for a waterfront apartment in Geelong, part of this Eastern Beach house has been converted into a 2-bedroom apartment suitable for couples and families. The master bedroom features a queen-size bed, while the second bedroom includes 2 singles bringing a total capacity of up to 4 people. This apartment is just steps from the beach, and the balcony offers access to the satisfying sea air. Not only is the beach within walking distance, but you can also easily walk to the nearby botanical gardens as well as a local golf course. There’s even a gas log fire that’s especially useful on winter holiday trips.

Converted warehouse Geelong apartment

This warehouse apartment offers a unique and sophisticated style that brings a bit of New York to Geelong. The building used to be a medicine factory but has since been converted into several apartments. The architectural design features high slanted ceilings and long stretches of space, and its 2 bedrooms have enough room for 4 people to sleep comfortably. The rental is on the ground level as well, so you don’t have to worry about stairs. Additionally, it’s conveniently located near the city’s centre, so you’ll be close to all the main attractions, with many within walking distance.