Planning a family holiday can create memories for a lifetime

Creating the ultimate holiday for kids can seem like a challenge,but it can result in an unforgettable travel experience that you and your kids will carry with you for many years. Whether you're looking for educational experiences like museums and history,excitement like theme and adventure parks,or any other experience,you'll find plenty of options for accommodation from apartments to holiday homes,cabins and many others.

Book your family holiday

Wherever you go,a family holiday for kids can be a challenging thing to book,but when you get it right,you'll create memories your kids will carry with them forever. Whether you're on a budget looking for cheap family holidays,you're going for the full luxury experience,or anywhere in between,you'll find just about any kind of accommodation you want all across the continent.

You can find apartments,small houses,cabins,chalets and even huge villas for multi-family holiday journeys. You can find accommodation that places you in a full-featured resort area or within an easy walk of all of the best attractions at your destination. You'll be able to head for theme parks and zoos,museums,historic sites and outdoor adventure parks with hiking,cycling and zip lines. Whatever the goal for your holiday for kids might be,you're sure to find lodging to suit your budget and all the activities you want to explore.

Enjoy holidays with kids in the wilds

One of the best ways to recharge your batteries,escape from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect with your loved ones is to enjoy holidays with kids in the wilds. Get off the beaten track for a bushwalking adventure,head for the heavy forests and rolling plains of untamed wilderness and get back to nature for a while. All you need to do is travel a few steps away from your country cottage,bungalow or cabin,and you'll find all the adventure you crave.

While you explore the great outdoors,your options are nearly endless. You can go cycling and hiking along endless well-maintained trails in nature preserves. You can go spelunking in deep cave complexes and view the wonders of stalactites,stalagmites and even see cenotes,or natural underground swimming holes made millions of years ago when limestone sinkholes filled with water from natural sources. You can see local flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can even have a horseback riding experience. All these and other experiences await on your holidays with kids to mountain destinations like the Blue Mountains.

Visit theme and adventure parks on kids' holidays

Theme parks are a classic destination for kids' holidays no matter where you might be. A classic amusement park lets you have the thrill of roller coasters and spin rides. You can get behind the wheel of a bumper or dodgem car or go-kart and zip around racing your family. You can ride glorious antique carousels with fairy tale creatures. For the little ones,there are always kids' parks with special rides just for them. Between rides,enjoy classic theme park food like cotton candy,funnel cakes and ice cream,and play games for prizes.

Another type of park experience is the outdoor adventure park. This relatively new take on theme parks lets you ply your athletic skills and thirst for excitement. At these places,you can explore rock climbing and zip lines,swimming and riding water slides,or going whitewater rafting all in safe surroundings. Some adventure parks offer ninja and obstacle courses to navigate as you race your family. All of this is just a few minutes away from your resort or villa rental.

Explore museums and interactive holidays with the family

Kids love to get hands-on,and what's a better option for your family holiday than to get them exploring science,technology,engineering,history and creativity? You can take the kids to a whole world of museums and interactive exhibitions that will have them learning without realizing they're learning,and they'll have a blast the whole time. Let them build a robot or program a video game. Bigger cities like Sydney,Brisbane,or Singapore are great destinations for an educational family holiday.

At science museums,you can let them explore nature and ecology and learn the workings of the world. Local history museums let them learn about the legacy of the people who built the community,while living museums feature costumed characters living and working exactly as their forebears from the past and let your kids get hands-on with crafts and chores the way your ancestors lived. From children's and science museums to natural history museums,it's all just minutes away from your chalet or family holiday house.

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