Planning a trip to a cabin rental is perfect to take in the great outdoors

Cabin rentals offer a unique experience you can't find with other types of accommodation. They offer a more rustic aesthetic and are typically found close to picturesque outdoor splendour with amenities that make them easy to enjoy. These include large windows,easy access to attractions like hiking and biking trails and even hot tubs to keep you warm in colder locations.

Explore cabin rentals

You can book a wide variety of accommodation on your next holiday,but if you're looking for something a bit more outdoor-oriented,there's nothing quite like a cabin. Cabins create unique experiences for you and your family and friends by letting you get close to the outdoors in a way that houses and apartment rentals can't quite match. Cabins have unique features like a rustic look,patios and big windows that let you immerse yourself among vibrant natural features.

When you're booking a cabin rental,you'll find quite a few different options available as well as a variety of locations to choose from,depending on what kind of natural features you like the best. What matters most is customizing your experience to cater to your unique interests for the ultimate holiday experience. Several types of amenities are available and common,so don't be afraid to narrow down your search.

Book a mountain cabin

Some of the most impressive features throughout Australia are the mountains. When you book a mountain cabin,you'll often find yourself met with absolutely stunning views that let you see miles out to the horizon. Cabins nestled up high in the mountains almost always come with central heating and cooling as well,so it's easy to stay comfortable.

Mountain cabins tend to be set up to enjoy some of the best things to do in the area,so you're not just enjoying the view. From a cabin in the mountains,you can venture out onto hiking and biking trails where you'll find even more impressive views,with some cabins set up right next to the trails. Of course,plenty of cabins are located close to towns as well,so you can find something close to all the supplies you'll ever need without having to heavily stock up in advance.

Discover lake cabins

The water features in Australia don't begin and end at the coast. You'll also find quite a few lakes throughout the country that are worthy of a visit in their own right. These lakes have much to offer whether you're looking to go fishing,boating or swimming. When you book one of the local lake cabins,you'll find yourself just steps away from it all among the peace and tranquillity of isolated lakes.

When you're looking for the best of the best among lake cabins,keep an eye out for the special features they offer. For example,you may find some that have their own private dock that stretches out into the lake making it easy to go boating. In fact,some lake cabins even have kayak rentals included in your stay that you're free to use throughout your holiday. Even more common are fishing rods included in your rental.

Browse luxury cabins

Booking your stay in a cabin doesn't mean you have to necessarily subject yourself to rustic living. In fact,a cabin stay can be downright luxurious. This is especially the case if you book a luxury cabin packed with all the amenities you'd expect from a high-end house rental. These amenities include integrated WiFi,a full kitchen and even a hot tub in some cases. This is also where you'll find amenities like a private pool,private docks and private paths to nearby attractions like mountain trails,lakes and beachfronts.

Some of the best cabins have quite a few impressive amenities you won't want to miss out on. Hot tubs are a popular favourite,especially in the mountains,because they let you stay warm while enjoying the stunning views. You may even find a cabin with spa features that extend beyond a simple hot tub such as a full sauna. Some cabin rentals are part of a larger complex,and these can have central spa facilities with professional massage services and more.

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